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A Message from Pat Parker, President

Parker & Associates is a marketing and management-consulting firm, which has been providing straightforward business solutions for a broad base of clients since 1991. Tighter budgets, smarter competition, and changing technologies have made business more challenging now than ever before. The combined expertise and knowledge at Parker & Associates helps our clients find the best way to succeed in these uncertain times.

We help our clients, big or small, identify the strategies and action plans they need to grow their business. By working closely as a team with our clients, we develop a strong sense of trust to identify critical information unique to their business environment. By getting to the root of the matter, we can develop more valuable solutions to help our clients win.

We are accessible, responsive, and accountable. As skilled consultants, we build a level of client trust that is essential to making sound business decisions. Parker & Associates is committed to giving you our best, working hard and celebrating your success.

Pat Parker MBA
P.E. Parker & Associates Inc.

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    Our Professional Services:

  • full service franchise consulting
  • business strategic planning
  • marketing strategy & branding
  • foodservice

  • see testimonial after each professional service offering.
    Other Services:

  • organizational analysis
  • legal expert witness
  • mediation
  • executive search
  • advisory programs
  • keynote speakers/seminars